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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Dragon's Fire by Danielle Kazemi. Sometimes, even four dragons aren't enough. Frozen Flames A new Unseen, creature of darkness, roams the city. As the dragons attack it in their usual fashion, they soon find themselves in deeper than they expected.

This creature dodges their attacks and winds up testing the strength of the group. Draco Ex Machina With two members of their team gone, the dragons must call upon Sometimes, even four dragons aren't enough. Draco Ex Machina With two members of their team gone, the dragons must call upon the help of the elder dragons.

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When Thane arrives, he seems more of a liability than a help. The elder dragons show up and help restore order to the group once more - with a warning. Circle of Flames The large Unseen continues attacking those within the city, imitating them to get its way. It will only be through the concentrated efforts of the entire team that they'll get this creature into a prison.

If they fail, the entire city will fall. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. Published October 28th first published January 1st More Details Dragon's Fire 4—6 omnibus. Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Dragon's Fire , please sign up.

Dance of the Dragons

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Jun 22, Maria D. Engel rated it it was amazing. Saw loved them. His designated heir for many years had been his only surviving child by his first wife, Aemma Arryn , his daughter Rhaenyra.

Riders of Fire have landed!

Viserys I later remarried, however, and had several younger children by his second wife, Alicent Hightower , the eldest of which was Rhaenyra's half-brother Aegon II. The Seven Kingdoms had never had a Ruling Queen before, and many were troubled by the thought of Rhaenyra succeeding to the throne. By the inheritance laws of the Andals , a younger brother succeeds ahead of an elder daughter, but the Targaryens had never formalized royal inheritance laws for their new realm after the War of Conquest years before. Viserys I, however, had extracted oaths of fealty from the major lords of the realm that Rhaenyra would succeed him.

Rhaenyra, as the Princess of Dragonstone , had her powerbase on Dragonstone island, where she responded by being crowned queen and declaring Aegon a traitor. Ultimately, Rhaenyra was captured and Aegon II had her fed to his dragon , while forcing her son to watch. Aegon II, however, was badly wounded in the war and died months later.

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Most Targaryen dragons were killed during the course of the war, and within a few years they went entirely extinct later in Aegon III's reign. The Dance of the Dragons has been mentioned as a historical event since the first of the A Song of Ice and Fire novels. George R. Martin later began writing a series of prequel novels describing the war - written as in-universe history books, not POV character prose like the A Song of Ice and Fire series or Tales of Dunk and Egg prequels.

The Dance of the Dragons was the most devastating war in the history of the Seven Kingdoms. Only the War of the Five Kings begins to approach it in the sheer scale of destruction. The reason for this is that never before or since was there a Westeros-wide civil war in which both sides had dragons and each used them to burn the armies, castles, and lands of the other side. Rhaenyra's main supporters were her first husband's family, House Velaryon , as well as her mother's family, House Arryn.

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The rivalry between Rhaenyra on one side and Alicent on the other festered at the royal court for years during the reign of Viserys I. One way this rivalry took shape was in the fashions of clothing that courtiers wore, to display their faction allegiance. Once at a major tournament Rhaenyra wore a striking black gown, after the black field of Targaryen heraldry, while Alicent wore a striking green gown the actual colors of House Hightower's heraldry are a white tower on a grey background; Alicent just happened to enjoy green dresses.

Soon, all of Rhaenyra's supporters started wearing black clothing, while all of Alicent's followers started wearing green.

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Over the years, the popular names applied to both factions were inspired by the colors they wore: Rhaenyra's supporters were called "the Blacks", and Aegon II's supporters were called "the Greens". The Blacks were mostly in the northeastern half of Westeros, while the Greens were mostly in the southwestern half.

Dorne was not yet part of the realm and remained neutral during the war. The Blacks included the Arryns, the Starks, and the Tullys along with most if not all of the Riverlords, even the Freys.

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  • The Starks felt bound by honor to remain true to the fealty oaths they had made to Rhaenyra when her father was still alive. Major Greens included the Hightowers and Lannisters. Rhaenyra had thought the Baratheons would support her, but in what she saw as a major betrayal they sided with Aegon II. The Greens faced their own betrayal, however: they had assumed that all of the Reach would side with the Greens, but instead the northern half of the Reach - leery of Hightower dominance - sided with the Blacks including the Tarlys, Rowans, and Caswells.

    Even some of the Hightowers' own direct vassals in the south sided with the Blacks. The Tyrells often pick the side they think is going to win in any conflict, but with the Reach itself evenly split, there was no obviously winning side. In addition, the current Lord of Highgarden was an infant boy, leaving his regent mother in a precarious position - so the Tyrells remained officially neutral throughout the war.

    During the war, the Greens controlled the mainland of the Crownlands, though Rhaenyra controlled the islands of Blackwater Bay and most of the navy similar to how generations later, Stannis Baratheon controlled the islands in the bay while the Lannisters controlled the mainland. This left the Greens in control of the three largest of the five cities in the realm King's Landing , Oldtown , and Lannisport , the mineral riches of the Westerlands and the fertile fields of the Reach.

    They also secreted away the old royal treasury of Viserys I. The Greens had thought that the Greyjoys would join them - not realizing that the great wealth they controlled ironically made them a more enticing target. Seeing little profit in sailing all the way to the eastern side of Westeros to raid the modest lands of the Vale or Dragonstone, the Greyjoys nominally sided with the Blacks in order to raid the Lannister-Hightower lands along the eastern coast.

    Despite the Greens controlling the wealthier lands of Westeros, the Blacks had the advantage of control of the seas. The Greens only had the Redwyne Fleet to rely on for naval power, while - through House Velaryon - Rhaenyra's forces controlled most of the Royal Fleet. After the Greyjoys sided with the Blacks, however, the Iron Fleet tied up the Redwynes in their raids on the west coast, giving the Blacks free run of the eastern coast. The Greens attempted to counter this by allying with the Kingdom of the Three Daughters an alliance of Lys , Myr , and Tyrosh , whose fleet assaulted Rhaenyra's fleets in the massive Battle of the Gullet.

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    A third of the Velaryon fleet was lost, but two thirds of the Three Daughters fleet was destroyed, and the survivors withdrew from the rest of the war. Overall, this meant that despite the Greens' numerical superiority, they had to slowly struggle to march their armies over land to attack the Blacks, instead of being able to quickly move their larger armies by sea similar to how in the later War of the Five Kings, the Lannisters had larger armies but had lost control of the Royal Fleet, preventing them from landing a quick devastating blow using sea transport.

    The war was a stalemate, with many unexpected victories as well as unexpected losses for both sides, with no clear victor emerging. Even King's Landing itself traded hands, though there was no siege - Rhaenyra's new husband Daemon her own uncle had reorganized and essentially created the City Watch as it would later be known, and they remained loyal to him.

    After the Greens foolishly left the capital city lightly defended to attack Rhaenyra's armies massing at Harrenhal, her forces on Dragonstone moved against King's Landing, and the Gold Cloaks threw the gates open at their arrival. Rhaenyra actually did sit on the Iron Throne for about half a year. The war eventually degenerated into near-anarchy as a string of betrayals happened in rapid succession on both sides. Rival kings started popping up in different parts of the realm - ranging from the Greyjoys behaving functionally independent though never claiming it , to dragonriders deciding that they would make better kings than Rhaenyra or Aegon II, to even petty street thugs carving out their own fiefdoms in King's Landing and declaring themselves "king" of half the city.

    Eventually, Rhaenyra was captured by Aegon II, and he fed her to his dragon while her son watched.

    Dragon's Fire: Novellas 4,5, & 6 by Danielle Kazemi | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

    Aegon II was badly burned and injured in the war, however, and his legs were shattered. He continued to rule for another half a year, but both sides had fought to near-exhaustion by that point. Only those regions which had not played a major part in the previous fighting still had major armies left: the Arryns for the Blacks because heavy snows had blocked the Vale's mountain passes , and the Baratheons for the Greens who had cynically sat back and let the other Green armies get killed, preserving their own strength.

    In a final, last-ditch attack, the handful of surviving Tully forces marched against the vastly superior Baratheon army defending King's Landing - but by avoiding any conflict, the Baratheon soldiers were unblooded and inexperienced, while the Tully forces were hardened veterans of almost every major land battle in the war.

    In a shocking upset, the young teenagers left in charge of the Tully army known as "the Lads" shattered the Baratheon army, leaving King's Landing undefended. Aegon II swore that he would fight until the last, but his advisors realized the most sensible choice - and had Aegon II poisoned, to avoid a siege which would result only in further loss of life the "Histories and Lore" videos imply that Aegon II died of mortal wounds - he was crippled and may not have lived much longer, but he was poisoned before he could succumb to his injuries.