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Style and Connectivity For China’s New Generation Nissan Friend-Me

Today, she is involved in a home based business offering an Internet travel and shopping portal and is active in promoting skin care and beauty products through her Cose Belle enterprise. Antonietta enjoys traveling to her hometown in Italy, playing tennis and paddle tennis, cooking, making new recipes, and visiting her 3 sons. Generation Friend Me. Mark G. Growing Up in America as a Baby Boomer.

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Millennials: Technology = Social Connection – Nielsen

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Acknowledgements Disclosures Sources and Commentary. More than 74 percent feel that new technology makes their lives easier, and 54 percent feel new technology helps them be closer to their friends and family.

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  • Just how inseparable are they from their devices? Being hardwired with their smartphones and other devices means Millennials can connect their two worlds: one real and one virtual. They are heavier Internet users than their older counterparts and most view Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, as the face of the generation.

    That said, Facebook is the platform of choice for 72 percent of the generation, a trait that means their lives are an open book for all to see. Thirty-two percent of the younger half age use social media from the bathroom and 51 percent of the older crew age take time out of their work day to use social networking at the office—more than any other age group.

    Younger Millennials access social media sites more on their laptops than mobile devices, while Older Millennials log in more on mobile apps. Regardless of device, both groups are checking in socially between 20 and 21 hours each month.

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    Their comfort level with digital has them engaging online in ways other generations are just warming up to. For example, Millennials like to handle their finance themselves, and they primarily do so online. And their savvy extends beyond balancing their check books. Older Millennials are 28 percent more likely than average to buy mutual funds online.

    The Real -- Not Reel -- Problems Facing Gen X Couples

    And, both younger and older Millennials are more likely than their older counterparts to engage in online trading. Deals actually account for 31 percent of their shopping dollars, and many of the top apps used by Millennials are either retail or discount focused, with Amazon Mobile and Groupon topping the charts. Yet we see few signs that adjustments have been made to marketing initiatives or innovation pipelines to match these numbers.