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  2. Book review: 'Monument 14' is action-packed apocalyptic excitement
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Brad Peyton To Write, Direct ‘Monument 14’ For Reel FX And Strange Weather

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Emmy Laybourne

Sign Up. Advertise About Us Give us feedback Leave us a tip. The rest of the kids had instinctively scrambled to get out of the hail but Josie was just sitting, wailing, getting pelted by the ice balls. From a safe spot under an overturned seat, this jerk Brayden, who is always going on about his dad working at NORAD, took out his minitab and started trying to shoot a video of Josie screaming and grabbing at the slippery arm. A monster hailstone hit Josie on the forehead and a big pink gash opened on her dark forehead. Blood started streaming down over her face.

Then Niko reached out and grabbed Josie by the legs and pulled her under a twisted seat. Just like that. He reached out and pulled her two legs toward him and brought her in to his body. He held her and she sobbed. They looked like a couple out of a horror film. Kids were trying to get out and Astrid crawled to the front.

Book review: 'Monument 14' is action-packed apocalyptic excitement

She tried to kick through the windshield. I just looked at her mouth. And her nose ring.

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And her lips moving and making words. We have to stay where there is shelter. The hail will kill us. I started to feel very strange. Like my head was on a long balloon string, floating above everything. And then I heard such a funny sound. It was crazy to hear it through the hammering hail and the screaming.

Monument 14 Book Review

I squinted out, and sure enough, Mrs. Wooly was backing up the elementary—middle school bus toward us. It was listing to the right pretty bad and I could see where it was dented in the front from smashing into the store. But it was coming. Black smoke started pouring in through the hole I was looking through. I coughed. The air was thick. My lungs felt like they were on fire. I should go to sleep now was the thought that came into my head. It was a powerful thought and seemed perfectly logical: Now I should go to sleep.

It is as it should be. We are going to die. I closed my eyes. I felt like I was floating down now, going underwater. Getting so sleepy warm. So comfortable. And then this bright light opened up on me. And I saw how Mrs. Wooly had gotten the emergency door open. In her hands she held an ax.

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Excerpted from Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. After a freak hailstorm sends the bus crashing into a superstore, Dean and a group of students of all ages are left to fend for themselves. They soon realize the hailstorm and the crash are the least of their worries. Unable to communicate with the ones they love, the group attempts to cobble together a new existence.

As they struggle to survive, Dean and the others must decide which risk is greater: leaving… or staying. A cliffhanger ending leaves readers devastated but breathlessly awaiting the sequel. A stellar addition to any collection. You quickly wrapped in to this end of the world scenario and you are cheering for these kids. You are completely absorbed in to their world. My books are published in multiple languages and available all over the world.

For more information about foreign editions, check with your local bookseller. Are you on Instagram? Monument 14 Emmy Laybourne T Monument 14 Series, 1. Fourteen kids. One superstore. The bus ride to the end of the world… Monument 14 is a post-apocalyptic YA novel that transcends age barriers. Alex ran out behind me and our feet pounded the sidewalk in a dual sneaker-slap rhythm. My bus driver laid on the horn. Astrid Heyman, champion diver on the swim team, scornful goddess, girl of my dreams.

Jake flashed her one of his golden smiles. High school seemed to do that to people. I looked out the side window next to me.

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It shuddered to a stop. I was lucky. A seat near me had come loose, and I pulled it over me. I had a little roof. Her bus was cutting through the parking lot, headed right for the main entrance to the Greenway. Alex was safe, I thought. It was all a crumpled jam. We were trapped in the demolished sideways bus.

I knew that the hail was going to kill Josie if she kept sitting there out in the open.

Review: "Monument 14: Savage Drift," by Emmy Laybourne

Help her. But my body was not responding to my conscience. I heard this clanking. The sound of metal on metal. Publishers Weekly, Starred Review.

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